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How to Naturally Whiten Face Face

How to Naturally Whiten Face Face _ is the most important body part in supporting a person's appearance and self belief enhancer everyone to mingle and interact with others

Having radiant skin looks white and probably almost everyone's dream and most want is usually the weaker sex or women. But do not rule out the men also wanted her skin appears white and radiant, and one of my own hehehe.

Special for Indonesian Well usually they will do anything to make the way the skin may look clean and white, there are natural treatments there is also a modern treatment, such as use of beauty products.

But if you try to use the beauty products you use beauty products that have been terekomendasi by beauty experts, doctors and already has a certificate of approval on the production of national authorities.

Well if you want to make your face look white and clean, but you want to try a natural way to take a moment to read the article how to naturally whiten the face below.

How to naturally whiten face worthy for you to try:

Whiten Face With Lime

That it contains natural antioxidants contained in the fruit, make Lemon you can use as a natural way to whiten the face. Addition of lime to whiten the face also works well to restore enlarged pores become smaller again.

As for how to use are as follows:

     Prepare the lime fruit.
     Prepare the chicken egg.
     Squeeze the lemon and take the water alone.
     Then mix the lemon juice with egg white.
     Dab Dab the mixture or lime juice and egg white to the face evenly arean.
     Please allow do (washed first) approximately around 20 or 15 menitan.
     Well after 15 minutes then you wash your face using warm water.
     Do routine this way before you want to sleep at night.

Whiten Face With Bengkoang
Vitamin B1 and C which are beneficial to the yam well to remove the black stains that arise on the face, in addition to the content of this second well also to make your skin become brighter and glow white. So no fruit hayal this one used to be one of the main ingredients of making beauty products.

As for how to apply are as follows:

     Prepare Jicama fruit taste
     Peel and discard skin yam
     Wash fruit peeled jicama earlier.
     Then grab fruit and grated yam, take the juice only.
     Put the juice into the container had been clear yam
     Let stand approximately 20-30 minutes, or until the cider bengkuangnya visible white precipitate.
     Well yam extract was precipitated wear for natural mask on the face and let stand until dry.
     The final step wash face with clean water.

How to Whiten With Milk Face
One of the benefits of natural milk is giving your skin appears fresh and naturally, milk is also beneficial both to eliminate dead skin cells that exist in the skin so your skin can be regenerated again.

The way is as follows:

     Prepare a thick white milk or creamer to taste
     Take a few drops of milk
     Then apply kearea your face evenly with the help of a soft cloth
     Let stand briefly approximately 20 minutes or 15 menitan and rinse your face with clean water
     Do this routine every day before you go to bed.

How to Whiten face with Potatoes

How to make it:

     Prepare the potatoes and peel them clean
     Wash the potatoes and puree menggukan blender until completely smooth
     Mix a little honey into pure potato juice
     Apply a mixture of potato juice and pure honey you kewajah
     Let stand until dry, unwashed do first.
     Do this routine every day until your skin looks white and radiant.

How to Whiten Faces By Product
Natural way above may require considerable time, we provide a reference of beauty products that can whiten the skin with a relatively fast time. Below are some of our preferred products that have a lot of good testimonials by our customers.

Supplements Emilay Whitening Softgel
How to Whiten Face
For those of you who want a white skin, whitening Emilay very good idea, because the body can naturally whiten Fast and guaranteed safe because it is made from natural ingredients. Content Emilay include wine, Aloevera, Pearl Pearl, Seaweed. Below are some maanfaat use Emilay Whitening you'll get:

     Help whiten facial skin more quickly
     Skin whitening body more evenly
     Eliminating black scars caused by acne
     Your skin will look more toned / free from premature aging
     Addressing the problem of acne on the face
     Menghilangakn blackheads and dark spots
     Terlihatlebih skin fresh and radiant
     Contains high antioxidant
     Assist you in removing toxins from the body

How to Make Pizza Recipes Simple and Delicious

Many people today are certainly already know about pizza, pizza is a type of food made from basic ingredients of bread and there are a variety of topping to add to the flavor of the pizza. In general, pizza can only be purchased or obtained from a particular restaurant or eating place. But by learning how to make pizza the following may be you can try to make your own pizza at home with family. Because actually relatively easy way to make pizza if there keamauan of yourself.

Materials bread pizza

     5 g instant yeast
     1 tsp sugar
     500 g high protein flour
     10 grams of salt
     375 ml of warm water
     50 grams of olive oil

How to make a bread pizza

     Dissolve yeast in conjunction with the sugar wears a little warm water and let the yeast to work along 5 minutes
     Stir flour and salt together. Then pour the yeast mixture. Knead until well blended. Add the remaining water and olive oil. Stir until well blended.
     Add the remaining water and olive oil. Stir until well blended.
     Move the dough onto the table already covered with ceramic
     Then continue to knead until smooth elastic dough.
     Once the dough is smooth, save the dough into the bowl that has been spread with a little oil to prevent sticking, then close the plastic wrap and set aside to use for 40 minutes until fluffy.
     After 40 minutes, the dough fists so the wind out
     Divide the dough with dough weighing steps weighing 150 g.
     Prepare a round pizza pan diameter 24 cm. Spread a thin layer of oil.
     Spread pizza as well as skin trimmed to cover the surface of the pan.
     Let stand for 10 minutes and subsequently prepared pizza topping

Spreads sauce / paste tomato pizza

     2 tablespoons olive oil
     5 tablespoons chopped onion
     5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
     3 tablespoons tomato paste
     8 tablespoons ketchup
     6 fresh tomatoes, seeded and coarsely chopped
     1 tsp salt
     1/2 teaspoon pepper
     1 tbsp sugar
     1 tsp oregano powder
     1 tsp basil leaves powder

How to make spreads sauce / paste tomato pizza

     Heat the olive oil, then saute onion and garlic until fragrant
     Enter tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomatoes, salt, pepper, sugar, oregano powder, and basil leaves powder. Cook until boiling and thickened then remove and let cool

how to make pizza
Ingredients for pizza toppings

     50 ounces grated cheddar cheese
     2 pieces of sliced ​​beef sausage rounded according to taste
     2 pieces of fresh sliced ​​tomatoes to taste
     50 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese
     2 lbr smoked beef, sliced ​​or plaid suit your taste
     1 bell pepper, seeded and cut into squares
     10 pieces of mushrooms, thinly sliced
     1/2 onion, sliced ​​boxes

Terahir step how to make pizza

     After a pizza peel that you have created in the expanding pan, prick-prick skin surface using a fork
     Rub the surface of the skin with a sauce / tomato paste that had gone cold until smooth and cover the surface of a pizza peel.
     Tata topping ingredients to suit your taste and cover with grated mozzarella cheese topping to cover all surfaces
     Then bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until cooked perfectly and melted mozzarella cheese
     Serve in warm pizza with chili sauce and ketchup bottles preferences.

Similarly, a few steps on how to make a pizza with ease and the results delicious. Try to present the pizza when it was still warm sensation when eating pizza that is very delicious and keeps you hooked for sure. It is suitable to be made at home and served as the afternoon with loved ones.

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4 Ways to Beautify Faces latest Natural and Healthy

4 Ways to Beautify Faces latest Natural and Healthy

Each womenfolk must have a desire to look beautiful. With a pretty face, they can be confident when carrying out its activities. Not only that, looks pretty certainly will make adam captivated at the sight. Thus, many women who sometimes justifies any means to get a beautiful face. One way that is usually done by the womenfolk is to use make-up of chemicals. In fact, many beauty products on the market will cause adverse effects to health. To that end, for those who want to have a beautiful face, you can use natural ingredients as your face makeup. Here's how to beautify the face naturally and healthy.

How to beautify the face naturally and healthy

Diligent Face Wash

One way to beautify the face naturally and healthy is to wash your face diligently. When she diligently washing the face, then the dust that stuck to the dust would be carried away by the flow of water that washed their faces. Women should wash your face at least three times every day. However, for Muslim women, they should be able to wash their face at least 5 times because they certainly have to perform ablutions before prayer work. Try to wash your face regularly, so that interference does not appear on the face of your face.

Using Cleanser and Toner

Cleaners and fresheners must be owned by women. When a woman wants to have a beautiful face, then they must be willing to take the time to clean their face, at least after they use make-up day. First of all, they can clean the makeup they wear with use and cleaning of cotton. After that, they could use a refresher so that the face looks more fresh. Remember! Choose cleansers and toners that do not use a lot of chemicals so that your face is not exposed to irritants. That's one way to beautify the face naturally and healthy.

using Moisturizer

When a woman wants to get a beautiful face, then they must make sacrifices by setting aside time to use moisturizer. Moisture is usually composed of two kinds, ie morning and evening. You should use a moisturizer in the morning before you move so that you are protected from the sun. Meanwhile, you can use a night moisturizer before you went to bed. Clean moisturizer after you wake up from your sleep the next day. How to beautify the face naturally and healthy by using a moisturizer this is one of the key you get your ideal face.

Diligent Using Masks

Women who want to have a beautiful face, then they should be willing to use a mask on a regular basis. By using masks, their faces will look tight and smooth so that people would have been happy at the sight of your face. Obviously, you should choose the mask is a mask of natural ingredients that do not cause any side effects to your health. You can make the natural mask of avocado, yam, tomato, cucumber, egg white, and many more.

Once you find out information about how to beautify the face naturally and healthy on top, you can simply put it into practice immediately. You just need to do a facial treatment on a regular basis so that maximum results. Hopefully the above information useful to readers. Good luck!

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8 Health Benefits of Honey for human

Benefits of Honey for Health
  1. Prevent cancer and heart attack
Flavonoids contained in the honey, which is one type of antioxidant compounds that help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

2. Prevent Indigestion
A recent study was able to show that the benefits of honey can help reduce disturbance of digestion and constipation because honey contains fiber.

3. Anti-bacterial and Anti Fungus
All honey has antibacterial, because the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide. This compound is able to be anti-bacterial and fungi.

4. Athletic Performance
Olympic athletes in ancient times honey to improve their performance. In this modern era like honey developed into endurance enhancer supplements.

5. Reduces Cough
The benefits of honey next cough. There is one type of honey is effective in relieving cough, buckwheat honey.

6. Heal Wounds
Since ancient times known as a vulnerary sugar. After doing research teryata honey is proven to treat wounds and also contains anti-bacterial.

7. Probiotics
Probiotics are good bacteria that the body needs. There are several varieties of honey have a large number of such bacteria.

8. Beautify Skin
Anti-bacteria found in honey is very useful for the skin, with mixed with other ingredients, benefits of honey to moisturize and remove dead skin cells.

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Picture collection of Minimalist Living Room Decorating

Picture collection of Minimalist Living Room Decorating

Besides knowing minimalist modern home design, we can also explore more about the interior. The living room is the area that needs special arrangements and slick because of its function as a place to receive visitors. That is why, we need to pour extra attention so that the living room looks representative and make the guest will feel comfortable. Furniture placed induce smaller than the room to avoid the impression of too narrow to avoid so as not to hinder the movement of residents. Maximize space with a long sofa with two or three seats as an alternative to a sofa or chair can also be an option.

The use of additional sofa or chair another different but have a common thread can also be applied to ensure that space is not rigid. Ornament that can be used in the living room is usually a mirror on the wall, frames, paintings, or beautiful objects of your collection. If the living room is small, fitting the model interior is minimalist and modern so that the room seemed to be more spacious. But if there is more area, please you express freely.

Color is one of the factors that could influence the design of a room in the house including the living room. For example, a small room will be spacious with bright colored paint like white. It could also be to create a memorable room is spacious with decorating colors that reflect the same intensity or play with the theme.

To Make Guests Comfortable in Living Room

In addition to considering a patio area just off the living room should also create comfort in deeper areas the living room. In this room we will do the communication and interaction with other people who came to our house. Why, decorate the fullest is essential. The living room can also be regarded as homeowners face. Decorating the living room is one step to provide our service to guests. How else is the special guest for the family.

The tendency to decorate the living room minimalist usually seen from the living space. If the theme of the living room that is used is a minimalist, you can insert a contrasting accent is not too stiff so long as not excessive. For example, avoiding excessive use of a frame on the wall because it creates a narrow sense. So, the area of ​​the wall you can insert a mirror to make it look spacious. Play also lighting in the corner of the living room. For example, a standing-lamp in the corner of the living room or the light behind the display cabinets containing your wonderful collection.

Presents Carpet

The carpet in the living room? Yes! Not only the living room or bedroom can be a place the carpet. The living room can be. To add a sense of comfort, then under the seat can we put carpet. This carpet is our effort to provide comfort to guests. With carpeted, channeled at least one full warm conditions. With a carpet is also at least one respect for his presence felt.

Presents Hanging Lamp

Chandelier can only be displayed on the front porch area of ​​the park around the house? The living room can also be added with a decorative chandelier. With a few light bulbs and tassel decoration can be put in the middle of the living room. When the lamp is turned on, the room will receive maximum light. In addition, the room looks more elegant and sublime passing game hanging lamp.

Avoid use of Hours

One important thing to note is to avoid installation of clock or timepiece. Presence hours gave an unfavorable impression as guests will always remind time. No wonder if there is a comment that put clock in the living room will give a comment that seemed to evict guests to go home. Therefore, it is better to avoid the installation of hours in the living room.

gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 2 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 3 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 4 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 5 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 6 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 7 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis gambar dekorasi ruang tamu minimalis 8 Kumpulan Gambar Dekorasi Ruang Tamu Minimalis

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8 Best Foods For Your Body. Fit Food For Health

8 Best Foods For Your Body. Fit Food For Health

Healthy food is one of the most important factors to keep your body to stay healthy and fit. In this day and age, many of us who do not care about what is needed by the body and just think only the origin of fullness while eating morning, noon and night. In fact, the human body needs a variety of essential nutrients contained in food consumed for health. So, what are the appropriate and best food to keep the body always healthy all day ...???

     Companions, health tips. Choosing nutritious foods and contain a variety of nutrients to the body indeed easy bother. This is because, different types of food in consumption typically contain nutrients that are good for only one organ. So it is very important to know the different types of food is needed by all organs of your body. Health tips, here are the best foods for a healthy body:
Various types of fruits. Fruits are very good for nourishing your body. This is because, a variety of fruits are a source of fiber and vitamin C which serves to keep the immune system in order to be healthy, fit and fit throughout the day.
Various types of fish. This is because, different kinds of fish such as tuna and sardines contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acid that serves to maintain the health of your heart organ.
Assorted greens. Spinach is one of the most important foods to meet nutritional requirements needed by the organs of the brain. This is because, spinach contain vitamin B9 that play a role in improving memory skills associated with intelligence itself.
Carrots. This is one of the foods that are needed by the body to nourish the organs khususunya your vision. This is because, carrots are a source of vitamin A and beta carotene which acts kebuhan sufficient nutrients to your organs who want healthy eyes.
Avocado fruits, one fruit is also very good for maintaining a healthy body organs, especially your kidneys. This is because, avocado is one of the foods that contain a very high source of fiber. So for a healthy kidney, begin to love an avocado from now.
Mustard greens. It is one of the vegetables that are very well taken care to keep the organs to function optimally. Various other excellent food to nourish the liver is under the red and white onions, cabbage, soy and red wine.
Dark chocolate, This is one of the excellent food to keep your blood pressure remains normal. So for those of you who are afraid of the rise and fall of blood pressure, start eating dark chocolate.
Pomegranate, the fruit plays a major role in helping prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet light. In addition, this fruit plays a major role in warding off the attacks of various types of cancer that can harm your body.

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Minimalist House Plan Design Type 45

Minimalist House Plan Design Type 45

minimalist house lately become a trend among the people of Indonesia. This is because the design is interesting and not too complicated, make home design with minimalist style is loved by many people. This time we will discuss about home design minimalist type 45 is sufficient interest a lot of people because it has a wider scope than the Type 36. Houses type 45 generally has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and living room, making it look wider and longer rather than type 36. Surely it's more or remodeling can be modified for our needs.

Minimalist house design when combined with the type 45 it will look more appealing, with simple arrangements and simple. Your home can be a more modern look, because the modern concept is the incorporation of the concept of simple, elegant and efficient. With the amount of space available on your 45 house types can be creative with accessories and furniture that has a modern minimalist style that can elevate the appearance of the house. For out of the house alone, generally for a minimalist home is not too much variation, blend a small garden also interesting setting will make your home more attractive and minimalist when viewed from the outside.

To gain the furniture itself, you can add a minimalist furniture such as chairs with foam material. Because it will be easier to arrange. To the front of the house, you can add some of that plus a small garden fish pond.

One of the advantages of a minimalist home is cheapening the cost incurred for the construction of your house. It also makes home design minimalist type 45 become a trend in society, even housing developers often always wear minimalist design for the house to be built, because the design is used rather sell.

Here are some Minimalist House Plan Design Type 45 Latest our collection are summarized from several sources on the internet:
Minimalist House Plan Design Type 45 

Desain Denah Rumah Minimalis Tipe 45
Image Source:

Minimalist House Plan Design Type 45 Latest 

Desain Denah Rumah Minimalis Tipe 45 Terbaru
Image Source:

Minimalist House Plan Type 45 

Desain Denah Rumah Minimalis Tipe 45 Terbaru
Image Source:

Denah Rumah Minimalis Type 45
Image Source: 

Want to see the Design Plan Type 45 Minimalist Home Latest more